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Natures Trace

Lavender Citrus Lotion

Lavender Citrus Lotion

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This is the luxurious, creamy, just right lotion your skin has been waiting for! Every ingredient was carefully chosen to keep moisture in without leaving your hands feeling greasy.

Smells like floral lavender with bright citrus top notes for the perfect blend of soothing and refreshing. And like all Nature’s Trace products, the scent is not overwhelming, but one early tester described it as, “just right.” Using Nature’s Trace soap means your skin should never feel dried out. But even the happiest skin needs some extra TLC sometimes. So we made some for you. 

You can read more about why we love it in this blog post!

We also recently updated our packaging (see 3 jars stacked photo) with a removable label, so when the jar is empty, you can use for something else! 

INGREDIENTS: Water, shea butter, emulsifying/conditioning wax, castor oil, honeyquat, cetyl alcohol, essential oils, sunflower oil, optiphen, jojoba oil, salt

NET WT 4 oz

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