About Us

From our Hive to your Home

Nature's Trace Co. is the passion of me! Rachel Sloan, a small batch soap maker using honey and beeswax from my hives on a Chicago micro-farm.
Me and Matilde
I formulated my recipes to give you a hard, long lasting bar with great lather, nourishing ingredients, and gentle soothing scents. 

When I was a kid my parents taught me the names of the trees and plants surrounding my childhood home. To this day it feels like running into a friend when I see a tree or flower I recognize and I am able to greet them by name. 

Combining my love of handmade soaps and all things outside, Nature's Trace Co. uses ingredients from all those flowers and trees, and creates soap designs inspired by my garden, hikes, and nature rambles. When you use Nature's Trace Soap, I hope it makes the ordinary a little extra-ordinary!

Why "Nature's Trace Co."?
When I started my company I knew I wanted nature in the name since every bar has some ingredient or design inspired by my beehives, a hike, my favorite pine, etc. “Trace” is the moment in soap making when the batch reaches saponification, and you know it’s ready to pour. But I think what I love most is all the meanings of Trace, since it is also defined as “to copy, follow, find or discover by investigation.” I copy, trace and follow the designs of nature in your soap.