The Every Day and Any Occasion Gift Guide

The Every Day and Any Occasion Gift Guide

I have never been a lover of "things." So when it comes to gifts, I prefer the kind that disappear! If you give it it to me and it doesn't exist in a year, that's the kind I like. This gives you insight into one more reason why I love soap. It's beautiful, it smells nice, and in a month or so, it's gone!

I wrote in the November newsletter that you all keep Nature's Trace alive and well because you buy all year long. For many of you, Nature's Trace is not for gifts, but your every day hand wash and always in your shower body bars. Gifts are wonderful too! But holidays and wrapping and parties can get hectic. I much prefer gift giving for any or no occasion. To celebrate absolutely no holiday, I put together a list of some of the things I've been gifting lately! My favorites for soothing and spoiling friends and family. (And soap of course! Soap is always a great gift.)

There are so many times and reasons to give someone a gift all year long. Did they lose their job? A surprise gift is a morale boost that says, "you'll land on your feet!" Did they leave a job on purpose to do something else? A reason to celebrate! Did they lose a pet or loved one? A small gift for comfort. End a relationship? Soothe. Start a relationship? Celebrate! 

If someone has a baby! Get something for the parents. I assure you they will receive 27 onesies and a non-baby centric gift from you is just fine. I recently gave a Honey Beeswax bar to a new mama and she said showering with it made her feel human again! Do you know anyone who is actively raising children? They deserve a gift! Every day. I am a firm believer that all the love and kindness and soft things should be gifted to parents regularly because it is a very, very hard job.

Or my favorite, no occasion at all! Just, "I thought of you and wanted to give you something beautiful on this beautiful boring ordinary day." Now more than ever I crave and savor a beautiful boring ordinary day. 

Gift bundle soap tea chocolate grits

So, here's a list some of my favorite things to give for any occasion: 

Katherine Anne's - This is a Chicago chocolate maker with 2 locations making and serving gorgeous caramels and chocolates made with locally sourced ingredients. Every sip and bite is heaven. 

Midwest Mycelium - Their Morning Mud, a "functional mushroom beverage", is like hot cocoa but 10x better! In addition to the mushrooms has things like turmeric, black pepper and nutmeg. It's just a delight in a cup. And there's a black tea or no black tea version if you just want the cozy without the caffeine.   

Sugar Creek Malts sells the most incredible grains and grits! All planted, harvested and ground by a small family operation in Indiana. Most grits require heaps of cheese and butter to make them delicious. Not so here. The flavor of the grits all on their own is stunning. I also use their rye and spelt flower in my sourdough bread. They ship all over if you're looking for a gift for the bread maker or foodie in your life.

Jade Vine makes the sweetest floral arrangements and her store front also carries things made by local makers! Everyone needs flowers, especially in winter when you're missing the sun. 

Monarch Thrift Shop. Maybe the gift you give is no "thing" at all, but just the gift of time. Grab a friend and go thrifting! Monarch is one of my favorites and I have found so many favorite pieces there - pants, shoes, belts, shirts. They carry vintage too.

Indigo & VioletGrab a friend and book a class to make something beautiful or learn a new skill! I have attended several classes here and I always have a lovely time and meet other lovely humans with similar interests so it's a win win. 

You'll notice this is a very "Chicago" gift guide. Most of these places ship! But no matter where you are you can ask your friends who their favorite maker is, or their recommendations for a favorite local shop.   

Life is a wild messy adventure. Little bits of joy scattered throughout via yummy or beautiful things shared, is indeed, a a gift. 

Lavender and Honey Soap gift set
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