"International" Soap Brand - From Chicago to Bulgaria

"International" Soap Brand - From Chicago to Bulgaria

In 2018 I had the immense good fortune of spending 10 days in Sophia, Bulgaria. My husband was there for business and I was free to gallivant about as I pleased.

(Random Nature's Trace trivia, I "worked remotely" on Nature's Trace while in Sophia and I finalized some of the state and federal paper work needed to officially make Nature's Trace a business!) 

If you ever have the chance to go to Sophia - GO! It is Bulgaria's capital city nestled into the foothills of the Vitosha Mountains. The highest peak in the Balkan Mountain range - Musala - is also an accessible day hike from the city. Sophia grew quickly, resulting in a high rises juxtaposed with forest. You're downtown one minute and in the woods the next. The entire place is juxtaposed really. Sophia consits of the following: 

 - Roman ruins everywhere. You could practically trip over them if you're not paying attention.

 - Soviet era apartment buildings and abandoned bus stops.

 - Ancient towering cathedrals.

 - Grand, sparkling new malls and a brand new public transit rail system.

 - Green spaces. Green spaces like I've never seen in a city.

Borisova Gradina is not a, "garden" as the name suggests. It is a FOREST in the city. Just over 1 square mile of dense tall trees with walking paths woven throughout. 

Borisova Gradina

So, why all the Bulgaria love this week? Because my soap made it to Bulgaria!! Truth is we have friends there now and we haven't been able to see them since 2018. So when a mutual friend of theirs was coming to Chicago, he stopped by the farm and I stuffed his pockets with soap to take back to our friends. And a couple of weeks later I got this photo! 

2 bars of soap on a blue background

 So now I can say I run an International beauty Brand :) Look out L'Oreal! I've got plans.

And what is that soap on the left you say? Do you spy a new soap variety?! And did someone in Bulgaria get it before you did?!! Yes, you do and yes they did. This is your official sneak peek at a new variety I am in love with. It might be my all time favorite soap I've made and I cannot wait to tell you more about it soon. 

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