Hello, Love

Hello, Love

I don't usually name a soap something other than what it smells like, or by the tree or flower or place that inspired the scent or design.

This month however, the name, "Hello, Love" seemed like the perfect thing. That and, "Cedar and Lavender with roses but it doesn't smell anything like roses," didn't fit on the label :)

It's February, so of course there's Valentine's and all the pink hearts and cards and roses abound, (some would say, ad nauseam). But celebrating Love toward ourselves or others is always a good idea, and I've always wanted to make a soap with pink rosebuds on a blank white canvas. So here they are. The sweetest wild roses.

The name of these bars was also partially inspired by a small clip I recently heard from a recent Ian McKellen interview. He was talking about how in Manchester, when you step into a cab, the customary greeting is, "Where you going to, Love?" 

He continued: "When a grown man calls strangers, 'Love.' I think if we all did that, it would be a rather better place wouldn't it?"

Yes, I think it would.

He also shared an anecdote that in the theater, the joke is everyone calls everyone, "darling," because they don't know anyone's names. But whether they do or don't, he surmised again, it's a lovely way to greet everyone. 

This month, try something new and pretend you're in Manchester or you work in the theater! Try it with your cast mate or your cab driver, the principal or the bank teller. It may feel and sound foreign at first. But try it. See what happens. 

(You can find the full Ian McKellen Interview from December 9, 2022, via Three Little Words, which you should be able to locate wherever you find podcasts.)

So, when it came to naming the February soap I thought, how lovely would it be to gift a soap to myself or someone else with the simple greeting, "Hello, Love" on the label front, first thing you see out the box. It seems you couldn't possibly have a bad day after that. So I did. 

Enjoy, Love.

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