Forest Bathing

Our latest release is a little bit different as it is not a Limited Edition release but instead, an introduction to a new soap collection I am calling, Forest Bathing.The term Forest Bathing originates form the Japanese practice known as shinrin yoku, for relaxation. Forest Bathing is the practice of being quiet, and observing and experiencing your surroundings using all of your senses. Breathing deep to "absorb" as it were, the solace and beauty of nature. 

When I was a kid my dad taught me how to recognize trees by their smooth or rough surfaces, the way they stretch their branches out, or the color and shapes of their leaves. To this day it feels like running into a friend when I see a tree I recognize and I am able to greet them by name. I have always loved trees of every kind, tall stalwart guardians like Oak and Sycamore, magnificent beauties like Birch and White Pine, whimsical wood nymphs like Willows and Cherry, all the colors and kinds, standing in silent sentry or dancing in the wind.

Birch Bark Tea and Pine Tar were the "OG" forest bathing bars, and now they've just been properly categorized as such. Zirben Woods is the newest edition, named for the Stone Pine of Austria. It is from the pine family but this soap does not smell like a Christmas tree. Rather it was made to transport you to a place  surrounded by trees both coniferous and deciduous. A place where the only sound is your own breath, a soft breeze, and your footsteps falling on moss and dead pine needles blanketing the path you tread.

Nature's Trace soap scents are so unique because I create all of my own fragrance blends. This one was made with 100% essential oils and I am really proud of how it turned out. Fir, Juniper and Cypress forward with notes of Black Pepper and Petitgrain.

All Forest Bathing bars will be named for trees and made with ingredients from trees. To bring outside inside, and submerge you in your favorite forest. 

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