Field Museum Collaboration - Celebrating Sue!

This is our second Field Museum collaboration! (You can read more about the first one here.) To celebrate the most famous dinosaur in the world, Sue the T-Rex. The current Sue exhibit contains an olfactory element.  And the Museum asked me to create something so visitors could take those smells home with them. 

To develop the scents I did a deep dive into the Cretaceous period and learned about ancient plants that would have been in Sue's part of town. I took the main notes the museum had already, of Cypress, Magnolia and Ginger, and then blended and sniffed and tweaked until I came up with the following collection to turn your shower into a Cretaceous forest and transport you back in time. 

Cypress Trees for a time when the air is tinged with the smell of cypress,

white bar of soap with black charcoal swirl

frankincense, and vetiver.  

Magnolia Blooms for the untamed beauty of primeval flowers and foliage, surrounded by Magnolia trees in full bloom. Scented with magnolia and notes of bergamot, cardamom, and white rose.

Ginger Root to a place where ginger and turmeric grow just beneath the soft ground gently compressing beneath your feet. With notes of ginger, lime and ylang ylang.

And Sue Suds! To turn bath time into dino time. Made with natural colors using Indigo, Spirulina, clays and roots. Scented with Lavender and Chamomile. 

Available now exclusively at O’Hare Airport and the Field Museum Gift Shop!


4 colorful bars of soap

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