And what Wonderful Adventures we shall have

It’s January 1, which has me reflecting on the incredible year just past. Nature’s Trace had its biggest sale year ever, yes. But I also got to do so many amazing collaborations and work with so many amazing humans and meet so many lovely customers. I am reflecting and marveling and savoring all of that. 

This year we -
~ Did a soap collaboration with the amazing Keeping Together, inspired by Averie Swanson's passion and beautiful beers Truly - find these beers if you’ve never tried them.) You can also read more about that in a blog post I did earlier this year - Keeping Together

~ We went “on tour” with Honey Cellar as part of the merch table for their concerts.

 ~ We collaborated with Mooxli on several soap varieties specific to each retreat, where health care workers find rest and restoration. 

~ Designed a soap specifically for The Insect Asylum to celebrate their business launch.

~ Did a restock of the Field Museum collection and started work on a new collaboration I’ll be releasing with them in the spring!  

This is just a few of the amazing things I got to do because of this business. Nature’s Trace has me tracing and following the paths of nature with all my designs and scents, but I never dreamed of the path it would take me personally as I collaborate and celebrate and interact with all of you.  

Thank you.

2023 is guaranteed to be unpredictable, hold highs and lows, triumphs and losses. But I know it will also hold moments and places that will continue to inspire and grow this little business, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll go next. Happy New Year, darlings. Thank you for being here.

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